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  1. With a glut of strawberries on their way I thought my first blog should be my strawberry jam recipe.

    Along with Raspberry Jam (which is my personal favourite)  the strawberry has to be the UK's leading soft fruit. Personally I prefer my strawberry to be local and when possible, organic and either from my garden (in containers) or from a local farm shop.  I am really lucky to have a number of local PYO farms and whilst understandably they dont like you to feed yourself for free before getting to the checkout and paying for whats in the punnet rather than the belly!  im sure it will be ok to "try before you buy".  The strawberry I like best for Jam making is small, firm, blemish free and full of flavour - not the flavorless watery fruit that can be purchased at say Christmas time at a supermarket! as all this produces is ...........well pink water!

    So to my recipe.